Logos Quiz Answers Level 2

Logo Quiz Game Level 2 Answer Guide for iPhone and iPad

The logos may appear in a different order so be sure to double check your entries before you submit them. As always, a description is posted along with each logo to make it easier to match up with exactly what you are seeing on your game screen.

Here are the correct answers for level 2:

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1. Chanel – Black back to back “C’s”

2. Swatch – Thick white plus sign in a solid red box

3. Adobe – Red gradient box background with a white “A” inside

4. Ikea – Dark blue rectangle with a stretched yellow oval in the center

5. Facebook – Gradient blue box with a lowercase white “f” in the middle

6. Interflora – Yellow human figure in a solid black circle with a yellow border

7. Cisco – Series of black vertical lines of different sizes

8. Whirlpool – Black “W” under a swirl with a gold halo and black letter “l”

9. Nikita – Thick black “N” and “A” separated by white space

10. Nokia – Uppercase blue “K” over blue lettering

11. YouTube – Red box with rounded corners with the word “You” above it

12. Dodge – Red ram with curled horns inside a shield

13. Campbells – Red rectangle with gold trim and partial white letters visible

14. Hello Kitty – White cat with a black outline and red bow

15. Cocacola – Thin red “C” with the end tailing off to the right

16. UPS – Brown shield with a gold border appearing with a shadow on the lower right side

17. Atari – Two curved black lines around a single vertical line (volcano shape)

18. In N Out Burger – Split yellow arrow pointing right with an angular bend

19. Wikipedia – Round puzzle with a piece missing from the top

20. Tommy Hilfiger – White and red squares bordered top and bottom by a solid blue line

21. Suzuki – Thick red letter “S”

22. Verizon – Red check mark with a “V” below

23. Monster – Large green “M” with rough edges that appears to be dripping

24. Corona – Gold crown with white pattern

25. Axa – White “X” and slanted red line in a blue square

26. Mercedes – Metallic silver circle with three points

27. Dacia – Metallic silver logo resembling a latch

28. Dakine – Black rounded boomerang shape with a jagged lower edge

29. Kleenex – Cursive blue “Kl”

30. Toyota – Three connected red oval shapes

31. Lotto – Two black overlapping boxes with a small white box in the center

32. Sony – Single black letter “Y”

33. Playstation – Red “P” that appears to rise up over a yellow, green, and blue “S”

34. Cartoon Network – “CN” in black and white box

35. Pantene – Gold streaks

36. Aston Martin – Wings extending from a green rectangle

37. MSN -Yellow, orange, blue and green butterfly

38. Rover – Black shield with a red and gold symbol inside

39. Lucasarts – Yellow man with outstretched arms and a partial sun above

40. NASA – Solid blue circle with a red streak through a thin round oval

41. Honda – Metallic silver “H”

42. Ferrari – Black horse inside a yellow box with red, white, and green lines at the top

43. Toys R Us – Backwards blue “R” and a star

44. Olay – Outline of a woman in a black circle

45. Linkedin – “IN” inside a blue box

46. Ford – Blue oval, metallic silver border

47. Panasonic – “Ideas for Life”

48. ABC – Letter “a” in a black circle

49. HTC – Green and silver metallic arrows pointing right

50. Minute Maid – Black rectangle and two white “M’s”

51. Sap – White “P” over blue shape

52. Alfa Romeo – Red plus symbol and green squiggle in a blue circle

53. Sony Ericsson – Green shape resembling a pressed button

54. Adidas – Black triangle split by two slanted white lines

55. Chevrolet – Metallic gold plus symbol

56. Yahoo – Letter “Y” and !

57. Prince – Green lowercase “i” and “e”

58. Dell – Tipped “E” in the center of a circle

59. Konica Minolta – Solid blue circle with white horizontal lines through the middle

60. Netscape – “N” in a turquoise bubble

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