Logos Quiz Answers – Level 1

Overview of the Logo Quiz Game by AticoD

This fun and challenging new quiz game features over 500 companies from around the world. The object of the game is to correctly identify a famous brand or company from a picture showing a portion of their logo.

Users score points and unlock hints by entering the right answer for each of the logos in a series. The hints can be used to get additional clues for brands you don’t immediately recognize or remember.

There are no time limits so you can always skip a few questions and come back to them later. Once you have enough correct solutions for a set, you will unlock more advanced levels.

The game itself is free to download and the app is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. A new version is now available in the Android market as well. This game is currently one of the top 20 downloads on iTunes!

Logos Quiz Answers Level 1 for iPhone and iPad

Do you need a cheat or a walkthrough to get through the game? We will help you when you stuck so you keep making progress. One important thing to remember as you work through the game is that the graphics do not always appear in the same order. Be sure to match the picture and the description to what you are seeing on your screen. The solutions shown start at the top on the left side and go to the right. When you reach the end of a row, drop down to the next one below and go from left to right again. Here is the answer for each of the pictures :

logos quiz answers level 1 part 1

1. HP – Blue rectangle with slightly rounded corners and a white circle in the middle

2. Nike – Solid black check mark

3. Michelin – Outline of a man with black stripes

4. IBM – Blue letter “M” with white stripes

5. Barbie – Cursive, looping pink uppercase “B”

6. Starbucks – Green circle surrounding a woman with a crown

7. Citroen – Two silver metallic arrows pointing up

8. Calvin Klein – Black “CK”

9. Quiksilver – Red square with a white symbol inside

10. Louis Vuitton – Black overlapping “LV”

11. Red Bull – Two red bulls facing each other

12. L’Oreal – Thin black letters “L’O”

13. Twitter – Solid light blue bird

14. Amazon – Lowercase “a” on a black background with an orange arrow pointing right

15. Nissan – Silver metallic circle with a silver rectangle in the center

16. Nescafe – Black letter “N” with solid black line connected to the top right

17. Intel – Broken blue oval with the letter “l”

18. eBay – Lowercase red “e” and an uppercase green “Y”

19. Levis – Solid red shape with double rounded underside

20.¬† Kelloggs – Single red “K”

All logos appearing on this site are copyright and or trademark of their respective owners or corporations.

For more help, check your solutions to each section with the guides and walkthroughs below.

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